About Martin

Martin’s life-long fascination with media started with broadcasting. Whether listening to the radio or watching a ball game on television, he was as interested in the production elements as he was the on air presentation. From call letters and music beds to graphics packages and studio sets, he was completely obsessed. His affinity for logos was also sparked by broadcasting after identifying that the eye symbol was associated with CBS while the peacock with NBC. Foreshadowing his later passion for design, it wasn’t uncommon for Martin to doodle existing logos or new logo ideas onto notebook paper.

Martin quickly gravitated to the Internet once it became a part of his daily life by the spring of 1999. Captivated by the use of email, messaging, file sharing, and search engines, it didn’t take long for him to appreciate that the world was changing as far as how we communicated and shared information. While Martin had the self awareness to understand that his fascinations with media and tech made for some peculiar interests, he was often frustrated by not knowing what to do about it.

That summer going into his freshmen year of high school, Martin became interested in sports writing and wanted a platform for himself. After teaching himself HTML, he built his first website, a project he enjoyed enough that he continued building them just for the fun of it. Bothered by how plain his sites looked, he took a computer graphic design class so that he could learn how to create his own logos and banners. As he became immersed with the potential of computer graphics and design, he discovered a viable means to let loose his pent up creativity. And for the first time in his life, he felt he may have found his true calling.

After graduating from Lewis University in 2008, Martin went to work literally up the road as an assistant graphic designer at a manufacturer and supplier with a one-person marketing department. One of his early tasks was to bring their website operations in-house and to take ownership of it. As his position there shifted towards web design and front-end development, that allowed him to become involved with digital marketing, using search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and Amazon to increase the company’s brand awareness and online sales.

Still with the same company 12 years later (now with a larger marketing department), Martin continues to broaden his design and digital marketing skills via freelance projects, which has allowed him to gain valuable experience in both B2B and B2C environments.

Martin is married and lives in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. His other interests include early American history, space exploration, traveling, and his favorite sports teams. He continues to avidly follow the broadcasting and tech industries, while making a living as a creative professional utilizing many forms of media. He is thankful that his peculiar interests from childhood eventually led to somewhere, where he now lives each day immersed with what he loves.

Martin Hawrysko